UPDATE [13Feb2010]:This website is severely outdated and may contain incorrect or incomplete information.

Caveat emptor: I'm (obviously) not a professional web developer.

Nor am I looking for design work. This is more a hobby than anything. I'm completely self taught but am fairly competent with:

  • Apache HTTPd
  • PHP
  • TextPattern/Joomla/Drupal/Wordpress
  • SQL
The following are a few simple sites I've done over the years:

DARPA Urban Challenge Team

A joint collaboration between the School of Computing and the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Utah. Research in autonomous vehicle design began in mid '06 and culminated with competing in the national qualifiers in California for the DARPA Urban Challenge. One of 35 teams to make it, the Utes did well despite drastically less resources than the competition. An example with Drupal.

Roberts Private Investigators

A commercial project for a private investigating firm. Still a work in progress but an example of hand written CSS/php.

Exotic Hardwood Floors

A Salt Lake City company specializing in installing custom tile and wood inlays. I used a FreeCSStemplates.org theme for this as the business had already printed business cards and such with the sites address. The owner was (understandbly) in a hurry so this was the quickest way to get them up and going. I had planned to do something a little more custom but the company is pretty happy with the site as it is.

IEEE Student Branch @ the U (temp. offline)

The IEEE student branch at the University of Utah recently held a contest for best website design in the hopes of finding a web designer to revamp their site. I won this contest with this demo. NOTE: this is a work in progress and is currently hosted at ieee.cs.utah.edu until the design is finished. I'll post the updated url in the future.


Based on Drupal, for a project a few friends and I are working on. Private access only for now but stay tuned!


An online portfolio written in CSS/php. I'll be leaving the U soon and plan to migrate my student site here. Stay tuned!


An older design of mine, this is a site I wrote for English 2100. This was supposed to be a site providing a quick refresher on Maple - a symbolic computer algebra system.


Will redirect here - I'll have a mirror up soon.